What an impact certain sounds can make!

Today I discovered I can set my phone to play from a spotify playlist as an alarm, instead of one of the pre-set chimes.

I was delighted to notice how different it felt to be alerted by an energetic song I like, rather than the now-annoying old chime I’d been using. (I use my phone alarm many times throughout the day.)

It’s wonderful when a simple change can make a big impact, isn’t it? If you have a simple-change suggestion to share, please do!

*I realize I may be late to the party on this change, but I’m letting go of the unhelpful thought of “why didn’t I do this sooner.”

Take a moment: to imagine you have a close friend who looks a whole lot like you. What they’re going through right now is incredibly similar to what your struggles and challenges are.

Let them know you see them and you see what they are going through.

Imagine asking this friend “How can I best support you right now?”

Take a moment to really listen. To hear what is it they have to express, what they have to say, what they need that you can provide.

This week is the perfect week to give yourself extra love, extra kindness, extra…

What is YOUR favorite way to calm your nervous system at different times of the day?

Would you like to learn more ways to do this?


I remind myself of common cognitive distortions from time to time because it is so very human to fall into these trappings. The more awareness we can bring to when we do these, the more we can interrupt these patterns and step into more helpful ways of thinking.

A nice summary of some common ones:


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Today’s reframe: self-love and self-care are not selfish. They allow you to love and care for others more, not less.

If you need help learning ways to decrease self-judgment and quieting your inner-critic, reach out! This is a change I love helping people make. You don’t have to keep struggling with trying to do it all on your own.

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Take a pause.

Take some nice, slow, deep breaths into your center.

In, slowly.

Out, even more slowly.

After reading this, close your eyes

and allow your mind to drift back

into a memory that,

upon visiting it,

brings a smile to your face.

Notice what you notice.

Allow your body to remember

that good feeling.

Bring that good feeling

back with you

as you open your eyes

and move forward in your day.

Mindful Eating (with Audio)

Nom. Nom. Nom. (“Wait…where did the other half of that bagel go?!”)

Ok, it’s time: I’m revisiting some mindful eating habits this week, since I need to boost that practice again.

A LOT of us eat meals in front of our computer or TV (* raises hand*) which can interfere with mindful eating practices. But sitting in silence isn’t the only other option.

For my next meal, I plan on closing all screens and playing a podcast or audiobook. This will allow me to really SEE and TASTE my food more. When I do this I notice I am more aware of when my body is satisfied and I enjoy the meal so much more.

Want to join me in this?

Share a podcast or audiobook you recommend!

Today, send a little extra love to a younger version of yourself. That younger you that was just doing the best they could with the understanding and resources they had back then.

Send them some love and kindness, some forgiveness, some encouragement, whatever it is they need, from their future self.

Sending you love,



This video holds some good advice to help people with ADHD or other struggles w executive function or focus issues.

Check out the video here:

You can watch the suggestion section with yourself or someone you love in mind (and rewatch it with someone else in mind to apply it to their potential needs).

Not all folks w ADHD have the same symptoms and, as with most things, it’s often good to ask people IF they want support in certain ways and if they have thoughts on ways you can best support them.

The How to ADHD channel is full of great videos like this one. Comment below if there’s something you’ve learned about ADHD that you want to share.



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Learning effective tools to shift your mindset can be life-changing.

I’ve been fascinated by season one of the competition show “Alone” lately, where people survive in the wilderness on their own with only some basic supplies. It’s interesting to see how each person problem solves and even more interesting to see how truly VITAL mindset it. With all the distractions of modern life stripped away, the individuals' narration to the cameras really show how their mindset keeps them going, keeps them safe, allows for the possibility of change or discovery, or has the opposite effects.

Our mindset is affected by…

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