Take a moment: to imagine you have a close friend who looks a whole lot like you. What they’re going through right now is incredibly similar to what your struggles and challenges are.

Let them know you see them and you see what they are going through.

Imagine asking this friend “How can I best support you right now?”

Take a moment to really listen. To hear what is it they have to express, what they have to say, what they need that you can provide.

This week is the perfect week to give yourself extra love, extra kindness, extra support in the ways that you need, in the ways that you can. It starts with listening. With asking. With showing up for them the way you’d show up for another close friend.

It’s likely that you’ve visited this idea of treating yourself like you would a friend before. If it’s been a while since you practiced this perspective shift, enjoy showing up in this way this week.

Sending you love,


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