Do you want to help keep your kids and your neighbor’s kids safe?

It’s about regulation, not full on restriction. Use your votes to keep your children safe and your neighbor’s children safe. We had 346 mass shootings in 2017. We have had THIRTY mass shootings in 2018 and it is only mid-February.

This is also a mental healthcare issue. It is another reason to help all Americans get the care and support they need. It’s another reason we need to continue to de-stigmatize mental illness so that people can talk about their problems before they become murders. 346 mass shootings in 2017. This simply isn’t ok.

I’m not saying “no guns.” I’m saying let’s put some rules in place so we can all be safer. We have laws in place so that people with issues that will make them dangerous on the road can’t get drivers license. Why should guns be any different? Drive. Own a gun, if you want to. And while you do that, support laws that keep our world safe. And support better mental healthcare access. Because no, not everyone can just “get a job that gives their family healthcare if they just try hard enough” and not every kid has parents looking out for their well being.

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