Healthy ways to self-soothe (advice from many folks)

This week, I asked folks on social media

“What are healthy ways YOU self-soothe during stressful times?”

Here are some of their answers! Get inspired what others have shared (and share your methods/habits in the comments — your tips may inspire others to care for themselves in new ways!)

Some self-soothing actions some folks shared:

Listen to a sad song usually on repeat and fill in my own verses, sometimes write them down / poetry

Yoga Nidra. Daily.

Go for a 20 min walk outside. Fresh air always helps clear my mind and provides perspective.

Do a physical activity to clear my mind and shake the stress off, like walk, run, workout, yoga

Listen to meditations and calming stories

I turn to my dog Juniper. Just giving her a hug, or a belly rub calms me. And whenever possible I take her out for a walk. Just seeing her happy changes my mood for the better. There’s nothing better than seeing a happy companion animal in my view.

Read a book or listen to one to take my mind off of things

Take a bath

Breathing exercises


Focus on my breathing

I like to brew an unreasonably large pot of tea and share it with my partner. Sometimes I howl at the moon.

I always find cooking to be calming. Making food with my own hands that then nourishes me makes me feel more grounded when things feel out of control.

One of my favorite things about being in community is how much we can inspire and remind each other of good things, within ourselves and in the world around us. Thanks everyone who chimed in!

Got a self-soothing action/habit to share? Post yours in the comments below.

Sending you love,


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