Hypnotherapy in the New Year (plus the answer to a question I’ve been getting a lot lately)

As the focus of my work is helping folks break habits and make habits (including behavior-habits like smoking and eating habits as well as thought-habits like worry or negative self-talk), you can imagine January and February are busy months for online sessions!

I have space available for only 6 more clients in January. Reach out if you’d like to find out if I’m a good fit to help you find more ease in achieving your goals.


Thanks to everyone who has already reached out to book a January online session so you can find more ease in making the changes you want in the new year!

FAQ I’ve been getting a lot lately: Do you take on friends or acquaintances as clients?

ANSWER: Yes! I am more than happy to work with friends and people I know — if we are a good fit! I have worked with many friends in the past. My client list is confidential: our mutual friends will only know we’ve worked together if YOU share that with them (and you are always welcome to share).

Reach out if you want to connect to find out if working with me is a good fit for your goals!