Keep the lessons, release the pain.

Keep the lessons, release the pain. Giving your past self excess grief, punishment, or guilt won’t change a thing for the better.

Close your eyes. Picture your younger self. Send them some love. Let them know what you have learned, how you show up differently now (or will in the future). Send them some love, some forgiveness. Give them kindness.

Sometimes it’s easier to send love and kindness to previous versions of ourselves. On my path to greater self-compassion, I found that starting by giving middle-school-me or 8-year-old me love (through words, visualizations of hugs, and more) was easier than giving that love to present-day me.

Through guided hypnosis or self-hypnosis, imagining sending loving words, compassionate touch, a listening ear, to your younger self can transform your relationship with yourself.

What love or kind words does your younger self need to hear or know?

Sending you love,


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