Mindset Moment: HAVE to / GET to

Here is the HAVE to / GET to strategy for a great mindset shift:

Step 1: Think of a simple task you’re not super excited about.

Something you have an “I HAVE to” mindset around.

(example: “I HAVE to do laundry.”)

Step 2: Change the HAVE to GET.

(example: “I GET to do laundry.”)

Step 3: Add a little bit more info — what this will give you, what having this task can remind you of that’s good in your life.

(example: “I get to do laundry. I appreciate having enough clothes that I like, including my leopard and aloha shirts.”)

NOTICE the shift to more ease and appreciation as you move towards the task, rather than resisting it.


Fill in the blank: “This week, I get to _________________”

Sending you love,