I’ve been working on enjoying mornings more and use the snooze button less.

Here are a few things that have worked for me:

1) No checking email in bed. Checking email and messages sends us into a reaction mode, which takes away a chance to ground ourselves in the morning. On days that I allow myself to start my day with at least some activity (even brushing my teeth) that isn’t checking email, I feel better.

2) I give myself permission for a little me-time in the morning before I start my work day. I combine this with holding back something I enjoy until the morning, which gives me more motivation to stop snoozing. For instance, when I realize in the evening that my favorite podcast, By The Book, has released a new episode, I wait to listen to it until the next morning. This also works when I’m really loving a book I’m reading, if I give myself a time limit of how much I can read at night, I’ll wake up eager to start reading again. Even 5 or 10 minutes of me-time makes a difference.

3) I stopped saying “I’m not a morning person.” Labeling statements like this have held me back in the past. The messages we say aloud and in our mind make a difference. I’ve turned this into “I’m learning how to enjoy mornings.” It’s both true and more aligned with my goals and how I want to be.

For those of you who struggle (or used to struggle) with mornings and the snooze-button, what’s worked for you?

I’d love to hear your feedback — feel free to join me in the free Facebook group “Reframe Your Brain” at fb.com/groups/reframeyourbrain.

Keridwyn Deller, Hypnotherapist. Learn more about me and my work at keridwyn.com.

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Hypnotherapist & Mindset Coach. Decrease worry, change habits, shift your mindset. www.comfortthemind.com & www.keridwyn.com

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