Please vote + how to vote if you lost your ballot

Please don’t pass up your right to vote. Voting is an important way to show you care about yourself and your community. Lost your ballot? Print out a replacement here:

If you’ve skipped an election in the past, let me know if there was a barrier in keeping you from voting — we want to help you vote!

If you’re not sure who to vote for, ask friends who are likeminded and informed (there are a few online lists I turn to as well as a few friends if I’m undecided).

The non-voter issue is a big one. Let’s protect ourselves, our country, and our neighbors by voting this election.

If you are choosing not to vote, I would love to hear why so I can understand your perspective. Feel free to share in the comments or message me directly.

UPDATE: Here are a few links to check out for opinions on who to vote for:

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