Feeling a lot of feelings right now

(many of them big, hard feelings,

with some love and gratitude mixed in).

Doing an ok job of processing.

But dang, it’s hard to be a human sometimes, isn’t it?

I feel like a soda fountain drink

where someone’s added some

of every flavor available.

And the flavors are Feelings.

And the soda is HOT.

And is going a bit flat.

I know feelings pass.

All feelings pass, it’s true.

Every feeling I have ever had

has had an endpoint.

That always helps me to remember,

when I’m in the thick of it.

Stuck in the syrup

of a hard emotion (or 12).

Thank you, Body,

for healing.

Thank you, Brain,

for resting.

Thank you, Self,

for reminding me:

not all thoughts are true.

I’ve got the tools

to make it through.

Time for another sip of water.