The many benefits of journaling may surprise you

I knew journaling clearly had some benefits but I was surprised to learn how many it can have on our well being.

I journaled a ton as a teen and 20-something. I imagine the rise of social media in my late 20s pulled me away from this positive habit. A few weeks ago, I tried a journaling app, but it felt like posting a Facebook post to myself, and the habit didn’t stick.

Today, I started a new journal (dotted, not lined or blank pages — my favorite) with pen and paper.

Not only can journaling help you clarify your thoughts and feelings, which in turn can help you make better decisions and choices, studies have shown that journaling can even help lower stress levels, improve immune function, boost memory and retention, increase self-confidence, improve communication skills and much more.

I encourage you to take time when times are good to journal, not just wait until times are bad. To start building this positive habit today, you can invite yourself to journal just three things you are grateful for every day and then build from there. If you want to keep writing, great! But it’s ok to keep it short and sweet, especially at the beginning as you start to form this new, positive habit.

Here are a few articles that may interest you on the subject:

And one article that shares positive AND potential negative effects from journaling:

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