Today only: free blink on “Better Sex Through Mindfulness”

Time-sensitive post:

TODAY’S free blink-of-the-day on Blinkist is based on the book “Better Sex through Mindfulness.” I found the content of this book helpful when I read it a few years back. It is written with women in mind but I think people of all genders could benefit from some of the advice within.

If you are interested in this free blinkist (free today, Sunday 3/29), you can visit the app or website.

More about the Blinkist app/site:

“Blinks” are super short versions of non-fiction books. They give you a taste of some of the content of the book — a great way to see if you want to read the book in its entirety.

Note: you can create a free account WITHOUT signing up for a 7-day trial — the free version of the account gives you one free blink a day (they choose the title). I paid for this app for a year a while back and will likely join it again in the future, however, I am using only the free version myself right now.

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