What’s a HABIT or MINDSET that you’re bringing from last year into this new year?

Here are some answers to this question from the Reframe Your Brain community:

“Doing things future me will be grateful for. This helps me be motivated for myself in many ways, big and small.” — R.S.

Remembering that even if you’re deep in the struggle bus that every other time you’ve made it off that bus and you will again this time.” — R.M.

Two of my daily affirmations that I write in my morning 5 minute- journal have been really powerful in reminding me how I want to live my life: “When I know the right thing to do, I do it” (this one mostly comes up and instantly resolves minor ethical dilemmas) and “I ask if you want solutions or just to be listened to before giving advice” (It’s been my intention to do this for a long time but adding it as a daily affirmation has helped move it into my identity and daily practice” -E.D.

How about you? What habit or mindset are you bringing with you into this year? Share here in the comments, on the FB post, or on Twitter.

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